Fruits and vegetables, as well as animal proteins, can be the ideal food for our four-legged friends, but we must be careful with fats, thorns and bones.

Do You Know How to Prepare Healthy and Homemade Pet Food?

More and more aware of being what we eat, today we are more concerned than ever about following a healthy diet, but do we also give our animals healthy and homemade food ?

We have already talked about the benefits of the BARF diet on other occasions, not only for dogs, but also for cats.

Let’s not forget that animals are living beings that can follow a diet similar to ours, as long as we avoid certain foods that are harmful to them.

Most fruits and vegetables are suitable for our furry friends: we just have to know how to choose.

And most importantly, remember that healthy, homemade food for our pets is always a good idea.

The Most Suitable Foods for Our Animals


Although chicken is one of the main ingredients in kibble and canned pet food, making it at home will give our friends the protein they need naturally.

The only precaution is never to give raw meat to animals, but always boiled or grilled and without salt.

Chicken is enjoyed by both dogs and cats, but remember to watch out for small bones, which can cause problems when swallowing.


Although we always associate it with cats, fish is a food that dogs also really like. It provides proteins and essential fatty acids that are good for health.

Steamed and without salt, it is an excellent healthy food for our animals, as long as it is free of bones.

healthy fresh pet food

Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice are ideal foods for our animals, especially if accompanied by vegetables, as long as it is not onion or garlic.

If we want to season them with sauce, we avoid the tomato one, because it contains too many sugars, which are harmful to the health of our four-legged friends.


Dogs and cats are very fond of milk and dairy products in general. When they see us eating yoghurt, it is almost certain that they will come and ask us for some.

It can therefore be an excellent “reward”, since they are greedy for it, even if we must not exaggerate, because we can cause them digestion problems.

Fruits and Vegetables

In order for it to be healthy and quality food, vegetables should never be used alone, but always as an accompaniment to meat and fish.

Let’s not forget, in fact, that the diet of our four-legged friends must be mainly protein.

Among the fruit most suitable for animals are apples (without seeds) and bananas, while it is better to avoid grapes, pears, cherries, currants and avocados.

We also remember that, like meat and fish, vegetables must always be cooked, so that they are easy to chew.


It may sound strange, but peanuts are dried fruits that dogs really like, even if, given the high fat content, we shouldn’t overdo it.

We can prepare peanut-based biscuits, to be used as a treat every now and then: a real treat.

Just prepare a dough based on butter, peanuts, flour and water, create small biscuits and bake at 180 ° C: our dog will love it!

Now that we know how to feed our four-legged friends with healthy and homemade food, we just have to forget canned morsels, pates or kibble.