The use of cannabis in veterinary medicine is advancing in the market as well as in human medicine. Which is natural, as people are increasingly involved with their pets and investing in their quality of life.

The truth is that pet owners simply do not accept seeing the suffering of their companions and seek available treatments to alleviate their problems. Therefore, in this text we are going to talk a little about how CBD can help in veterinary treatments.

CBD for Pets? Yea!

The above question may seem strange to some (and the answer even more so). But if you’ve ever immersed yourself in the ocean of possibilities that the medicinal use of cannabis brings, you shouldn’t even have frowned!

Cannabis is good for pets for the same reasons it helps humans. The organisms of all mammals are alike, and like us dogs, cats, horses, and other animals, they also have an endocannabinoid system.

This system is composed of receptors that help regulate a variety of physiological mechanisms, including:

appetite, ache, inflammation, thermoregulation, intraocular pressure, muscle control, energy balance, metabolism, sleep quality, stress response, motivation/reward, mood and memory.

Cannabis compounds interact precisely with the endocannabinoid system. For example: when dogs ingest CBD, the substance stimulates CB1 and CB2 (receptors of this system), which gives them a feeling of well-being and, consequently, makes the animals calmer.

When stimulated, the endocannabinoid system releases cytokines, which are able to help stabilize some mood disorders, such as depression (yes, animals can also suffer from depression and should be treated to reduce the symptoms of the disease).

kitten hemp leaves

When Is Medical Cannabis Suitable for Pets?

The answer lies, again, in the similarities of the organisms of all mammals. Given that cannabis compounds interact in the same system for both animals and humans, the list of problems it can help treat is also similar:

localized pain and chronic pain, energetic balance, appetite regulation, homeostasis (balance of the organism), fertility, endocrine system and Imune system.

However, like any medicine, the use in wrong dosages or without the correct diagnosis, can harm your pet, so, before providing any product to your pet, it is important to consult a veterinarian and follow their guidelines.

Is the Use of CBD Allowed?

Dozens of veterinarians already prescribe CBD oil for pets. Indications are mainly for the treatment of pathologies such as epilepsy, cancer, inflammation, arthrosis, chronic pain and also in the terminal phase.

This prescription, however, is made in a legal/legislative limbo, since there is neither a law that prohibits nor one that authorizes or regulates the veterinary use of medicinal cannabis.

And if the Vet Prescribes It, How Do I Get CBD for My Pet?

If your pet’s veterinarian prescribes CBD for treatment, it is important to know that he will not be able to provide the medicine, but will be able to indicate the best way for you to acquire the medicine in your city or state. You can use the full CBD Collections – CBD oil, capsules, edibles, only the CBD vape collection is not appropriate for pets.

Like every Cannabis market, this sector is in full growth and changes are always emerging, so stay tuned for news about regulations and advances in the medicinal use of Cannabis and look for qualified professionals to diagnose your pet.