Every day on the street we meet many dogs belonging to the best known breeds. Yet there are many rarer breeds that could be suitable for our everyday life, in the family as well as in the countryside.

Golden retriever, German shepherd, dachshund, beagle, jack russell terrier, labrador retriever, pitbull, poodle, yorkshire terrier are just some of the most popular dog breeds in the world, not to mention the beloved “Tutti Frutti”, half-breed, but there are also many rare dog breeds that, just to see them, arouse a lot of curiosity.

Bedlington Terrier

Coming from Bedlington, in the county of Northumberland, in Great Britain, as the name suggests it is a terrier, therefore a fearless dog, hunter (in particular of hares and rabbits), great lover of family life, also suitable for those with children. Aesthetically it appears with a soft curly white fur covering the entire muzzle, giving it a sweet expression. It is dolichomorphic dolichocephalic, in fact it has an elongated skull. According to the breed standards, the height should not exceed 40.5 cm and the weight varies from 8.2 to 10.5 kg. Apparently puny, he is actually a fighter, also ideal for practicing sports.

Thai Ridgeback

Coming from Thailand, he has been talked about for 350 years when he was used, especially in the eastern part of the country, to protect wagons or to act as guards. Few are the specimens belonging to this breed which exists practically only in Thailand and Japan. Tonic, compact, resistant and agile, especially in jumps, the Thai Ridgeback gets very attached to its owner, but is wary of strangers. Inserted into the group of primitives, he did not contaminate himself with other races. It can be red, black, light fawn or blue, in the latter case the nose is dark blue. The ideal height for males is between 56 and 61 cm, while for females between 51 and 56 cm.

Swedish Vallhund

Coming from Sweden, the real name is Västgötaspets and, although native to the Scandinavian country, many believe that it has been contaminated by the English Welsh Corgi, others instead that it is the other way around. It was Count Björn von Rosen in the early 1940s that allowed it to be recognized as a breed. Small in size, with short legs, he works as a herd leader. Skillful, tenacious, fast and courageous, it is also suitable for home life as an excellent companion dog. The ideal height is 33cm for males and 31cm for females. In general, the ratio between the height at the withers and the length of the body must be 2:3.

weimaraner puppy

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Coming from North America, it is a breed not rare recognized, but much loved by those who own it for the great ability that its specimens have to protect the herds. Originally from the county of Catahoula, the breed is protected by enthusiasts who have not requested its recognition and, perhaps also for this reason, is very little known. Called “leopard” for the patches of color that distinguish its black, red and blue / greyish fur, the Catahoula Leopard Dog is very affectionate and tied to the territory, therefore wary of strangers. Physically handsome and of medium size, however, it is not very suitable for city life because it is rarely subjected to routine vaccinations and therefore there is a high risk of contracting diseases.


Coming from the Azawakh valley, between Niger and Mali, it appeared in Europe in the 1970s. Before coming to us, he was a companion of the Tuareg with whom he lived for hundreds of years in the South of the Sahara. Elegant like all greyhounds, by standard he is very thin, fine and graceful. Smart and intelligent, he can be affectionate only with those he accepts in his very close circle, in fact he is very suspicious. The ideal height is between 64 and 74 cm for males, for a weight that varies between 20 and 25 kg, and between 60 and 70 cm for females, whose weight falls between 15 and 20 kg.