Where to See the Most Beautiful Cats in the World?

Cat shows are the place to see the most beautiful cats in the world, but not only. These are important occasions for your cat. Here are which ones to know!

Weird cats, leopard cats, cats from around the world. But also the ugliest cat in the world or the most beautiful cats in the world.

Every time you step inside a cat show, what you can see is very varied. Of course, nothing that is not a cat, but their features, their origins, their peculiarities change from specimen to specimen, always leaving both the participants and the jury of these events speechless.

What Requirements Must Your Cat Have to Participate in a Cat Show?

There are many most beautiful cats in the world!
Certainly the first thing that immediately catches the eye when participating in a cat show is the presence of what can truly be defined as the most beautiful cats in the world.

It is no coincidence that these reviews are born precisely to spread the culture and love for this kind of animal, which over time has managed to be appreciated by man not only for its practical skills, but also for its charm and his freedom.

How Do Cat Shows Take Place?

The cat shows are in fact great events during which the owners enroll their cats in a real beauty contest.

To win titles, cats are compared with the breed standard, defined by the Disciplinary of the Breed Book of the Breed Cat of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies : only the dogs judged closest to the standard in question are awarded the title.

But Who Draws up the Evaluation?

Easy: often, each cat is assigned to a judge, who writes the result of the comparison with the legal standards and delivers it at the end of the feline show to the cat owner.

Each judge can nominate a cat for the final selection in which all judges review the finalists and the final prizes are awarded through the overall vote of the judges.

The Categories of Cat Shows

As the organizers of the International Feline Exhibition explain, in which Fief and Anfi also participate, the first selection takes place by categories:

  • The category 1 includes: Exotic cats – Persians – Ragdoll – Sacred of Burma – Turkish Van;
  • The Category 2 includes: American Curl – LaPerm – Maine Coon – Neva masquerade – Norwegian Forest – Siberian – Turkish Angora;
  • The Category 3 includes: Bengal – Burmilla – British – Burmese – Carthusian – Europeans – Kurilean – Korat – Manx – Egyptian Mau – Ocicat – Singapura – Snowshoe;
  • The Category 4 includes: Abyssinian – Balinese – Devon Rex – East – Peterbald – Russian Blue – Somali – Siamese – Sphynx.
cat with blue eyes

Cats Without Pedigree

A separate category is reserved for cats without pedigree: house cats, divided between house cats with long hair and house cats with short hair

In the second phase, the judges, after having examined all the cats assigned to them, recall the most deserving cats to nominate them for the final selection, the ” Best in Show “.

What Feline Exhibits Are There?

As you have noticed, those that can be admired at the event like these are really the most beautiful cats in the world. But which of these is it possible to participate in?

Well, the question is easy to answer: it is possible to participate in all the feline shows available in the world as long as you follow the rules of each individual event, which are often not the same for everyone, but are declined in different ways depending on the what are the operational choices of the organizers.