Feeding a puppy is very important: it helps to make it grow, avoiding complications and ensuring good and robust health.

A puppy needs nutrient-rich foods for them to grow and develop smoothly, but another factor to consider is the sensitivity of their teeth.

A very important aspect is in fact also the softness of the food: as the puppies’ teeth are still very sensitive and fragile, you must make sure that the food is easily chewable.

Mother’s Milk: The First Food for Puppy Dogs

If the premature weaning took place due to the mother’s problems, there is no other solution than to personally take care of the puppy’s nutrition. In these cases, the puppy should be weaned prematurely.

In other cases, however, you never have to rush and rush to bring the puppy home because a forced weaning is a very serious mistake. In fact, to ensure that the puppy does not suffer, that he develops a correct immune system and strong joints, he must necessarily stay with his mother for at least 2 months from his birth: the more time he spends with his mother, the healthier, more peaceful and better he will be the management of his character and nutrition.

husky puppy

During and After Weaning

When the mother begins to leave the puppies alone for longer, it is a sign of the beginning of the natural weaning phase: in this phase, therefore, the puppy can begin to take foods other than just mother’s milk.

The food to be given to the dog must have a soft consistency, in the weaning phase but above all in the development phase of the teeth, in order to facilitate chewing. Our advice is to include foods of certain consistencies: Pappette, Wet foods, Solid foods with water or softened, Solid foods.

Each puppy lives and grows at a different pace, therefore it is not possible to establish a precise and valid calendar for everyone: in principle, however, you can follow this order and change it also on the tastes and preferences of your puppy.

Croquettes, Canned Food or Homemade Food?

A hungry puppy can eat different types of food: the important thing is to always monitor its nutrition.

Although puppy food contains all the nutrients they need, it does not mean that it should be the only source of nutrition because this is not synonymous with good nutrition: it is therefore important that the dog always has a diet healthy and varied.

It is therefore good to dose these three food sources (croquettes, canned and homemade), always keeping the type of meal varied and never mixing homemade food + croquettes: they not only have different chewing but also different digestion.

Finally, it is also important that the food is served in a special bowl, in its personal space: this prevents the food from oxidizing and contaminating in contact with plastic or other types of material, causing damage to the intestines or stomach of your puppy.