Leaf of Life Botanicals is a vendor for many herbal products that are considered safe for human health. Leaf of life botanicals is among the best vendors due to many reasons that it follows. Number one is the quality of the products which this vendor never compromises and comes up every time with more goodness of the products.

The divergent product range has a collection of various products to satisfy customers.

They deliver products without delaying and keep their reputation the same from the beginning. This vendor is more bound with the quality in products because it doesn’t want to lose their valuable customers with a little negligence.

The pack products with care and then delivers to the customers. However, their packaging doesn’t look attractive from outside but it preserves the aroma and freshness of kratom inside to not lose the alkaloid content.

Their kratom blends are always the best and unique which are rare to find on other vendors.

Splits and samplers are something very uncommon to find in amazing varieties and rates. Samplers are available in 4 different strains of kratom while splits are offered in a variety of two packs in half kg size.

The quality of kratom is ensured in the proven form of lab tests. These tests are conducted by third-party labs in cooperation with the company to provide credentials about the high-quality products.

Users are also rewarded with points that keep on adding with every purchase and help users in later shopping with discounts on each order.


Product Prices

As we said, this vendor pay heed more to the quality of the product which means their prices are not super less but competitive enough because the quality is more than the pricing.

They have many kratom strains and all strains are available from the size of 250 grams to 1 kg maximum at the price of $9.99 to %99.99 respectively. some times their products are out of stock which would be back in some days due to a high response from customers.

Kratom blends are also available at the same prices in the same amounts. Kratom extracts are offered in small amounts of half an ounce to one ounce ranging from $19.99 till $34.99.

Split kratom in a fine powder form is for the customers in 4 different strains at the amount of 1 full kilo kratom which is to buy on the price $119.99. 2-way full kilo kratom split ranges between $69.99-$109.99.


Payment Methods

One sad fact about some users is Leaf of Life Botanicals don’t accept credit or debit cards. There are limited methods for payment which are as follows:

  • Venmo
  • Cash app
  • G pay
  • Coin payments
  • Green E-check

If the users feel any ambiguity about their payment plans then simply go on the description of how to pay and get useful details on your payment methods and procedure.

People can select any of their payment methods and continue to wait for your parcel. Their shipping is free which means you just need to pay only for your order. The company mostly uses USPS shipping method.