People across the world are still learning about kratom. Many people use kratom to self treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Different types of kratom are called strains and take their name from the place of origin. There are various strain types of kratom, and each one is better suited for a particular use. Kratom contains alkaloids in which its effect differs from person to person. Its, therefore, essential to understanding which strain is suitable for you. The following are the most effective and popular kratom strains:

Most Popular Kratom Strains

1. Maeng Da Kratom

It is a strain that was initially grown in Thailand. It’s one of the most common kratoms in the market today. The strain is unique because it has relatively much lesser alkyl content compared to other strains of kratom, which makes it easily digested. When taken in small quantities, it makes the consumer be more alert and concentrate on their work. It has also been reported that the users feel less tired when working; hence, working for a prolonged duration.

Studying and working can be so tiresome and can cause the brain to consume a lot of energy, and this where the drug comes in. Maeng da kratom makes your exhausting work to feel a bit easier. However, if used in large quantities, it can cause sleeplessness and irritation to the consumer due to lack of sleep and rest. It can also bring the risk of tolerance hence making the body not feel its effects.

2. Bali Kratom Strains

It’s a type of strain that is grown in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It’s one of the most affordable Kratom Strains in the market. It is reddish and is believed to give pain relief. Pain can become unbearable and cause you not to do your daily activities like you used to. These pains can be chronic and even last until death, especially to the elderly. Bali kratom is a natural treatment and works well for these pains and makes them less intense. In addition to pain relief, it is also used for relaxing the mind and body.

It can also be used to increase or reduce appetite. People who want to gain or lose weight can use the Bali kratom strain to scale their appetite and eat more. People react differently to substances, however, and so do they to Bali kratom. Its, therefore, advised using the strain carefully.

3. Indo Kratom Strains

Indo kratom comes from Indonesia. There are different forms of Indo kratom, which include; super, red vein, and ultra enhanced. The Indo kratom strain is beneficial in so many ways. One of the uses of this strain is mood alteration. Most people want to uplift their mood hence making Indo strain kratom an excellent choice to get the feeling of peace and feeling less depressed or sad. It also works well on brain receptors, thus making it useful to relieve pain.


When buying these strains, it’s advisable to get the best quality. In case of any severe side effects, you should stop using the products and seek medical advice.